Lighthouses of Croatia

Experience the history of lightkeeping



According to available information and local stories, the lighthouse Savudrija was built by count Meternich in 1818 for a beautiful Croatian noble lady with whom he fell in love at a Viennese ball.


Sveti Ivan

Legend has it that a Venetian doge was navigating in the direction of Rovinj in unfavorable weather conditions. His crew spotted the dangerous cliffs of St. John on time and changed their navigation route.



The islet is so small that it takes just over a minute to walk around it, nevertheless, the walk is magnificent due to sunsets on Porer that are considered to be the most beautiful on the Adriatic.


Veli Rat

The thick lighthouse walls, that according to legend contain thousands of egg-whites to make them more resistant to wind and sea, protect you from the blazing sun in the summer months.



The lighthouse tower was made in France and is the only iron tower in the Adriatic Sea. It took builders several months to bolt and weld it together before the light could be lit.


Sveti Petar

It is not known who named the lighthouse after the saint, the first apostle and martyr who also holds the key to heaven's gate.



When choosing a room in the lighthouse, make sure to take the one placed in northeast corner of the first floor of the lighthouse building.



An unbelievable, yet true story is about a giant lobster. The giant lobster weighted just under eighteen kilograms and was caught in a fishing net at the end of the nineteenth century.



There is a sea water lake in the cliffs on the northern side of the island that can be reached from the sea by diving through a cave at a depth of some fifteen meters. Even some movie scenes were shot at this location.



According to church records, Pope Alexander III was on Palagruza on Ash Wednesday, March 9th, 1177. While traveling with his fleet of ten galleys, he was impressed with the archipelago's beauty and decided to make a stop.


Sveti Andrija

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